MSS Team

Our joint research has been published in renowned academic journals (e.g., Journal of Business Research, Psychology and Marketing) and has been awarded several international prices.

MSS - Multi-Sensory Sculpting - Sylvia von Wallpach

Dr. Sylvia von Wallpach

Dr. Sylvia von Wallpach is Associate Professor of Branding at the Department of Marketing of Copenhagen Business School. Sylvia achieved her doctoral degree at the University of Innsbruck (Austria), where she also worked as an Associate Lecturer and Research Assistant (2006 to 2009) and as an Assistant Professor of Marketing (2009 to 2014). She gained international experience as visiting scholar at Boston College (MA, USA) and as Erwin Schrödinger Post-Doctoral Fellow at Copenhagen Business School (Denmark). Sylvia’s main research interests are in the fields of internal and external branding as well as in qualitative method development. In her habilitation, Sylvia studies brands as social and cognitive phenomena from the perspective of different stakeholders.


Dr. Maria Kreuzer

Dr. Maria Kreuzer is brand consultant and researcher and works for national and international companies in the field of strategy, branding, consumer behavior, and market research. Maria achieved her doctoral degree at the University of Innsbruck (Austria). Maria teaches marketing and qualitative research at several national and international universities. Her major interest of research is in the field of qualitative method development, brand meaning, consumer and identity.