Applications of Multi-Sensory Sculpting

  • Strategic brand development

    MSS allows brand management to define their desired brand identity. Group sculpting sessions facilitate joint decision-making processes regarding brand identity. The resulting brand sculpture serves as a strong multi-sensory symbol guiding the strategy’s implementation.

    Brand monitoring

    MSS provides insights into brand meanings stakeholders have in mind as a result of past multi-sensory brand experiences. These insights allow companies to assess the match between desired and actual brand meaning and to derive possible implications.

    Multi-sensory brand experiences

    Understanding multi-sensory brand meanings and related experiences allows brand management to design brand experiences via brand touch-points like packaging, products and services, or store design.

    Understanding abstract concepts

    MSS allows understanding abstract concepts, that is, ideas that are ambiguous, difficult to interpret and to express verbally. Examples include happiness, trust or love. Brand communication often makes use of such abstract concepts.