How Multi-Sensory Sculpting works.

MSS Toolkit Multi-Sensory Sculpting

1. MSS-toolkit & sculpture

Participants explore the MSS-toolkit which contains materials that pre-activate different senses involved in the original brand experience. Subsequently, participants build a sculpture representing the meaning of a brand  or of a particular experience.

MSS - Multi-Sensory Sculpting - Projektives Interview

2. Projective interview

The sculpture serves as stimulus for a projective interview in which participants explain the meaning of single materials, the materials’ overall arrangement, and how the sculpture expresses the brand’s meanings.

MSS - Multi-Sensory Sculpting - Datenanalyse

3. qualitative data analysis

Trained researchers analyze participants’ stories with a focus on verbal and non-verbal metaphors, identify key brand meanings and derive key insights and managerial implications.